Save, Enrich, Sustain and Develop Lives and Build Happy Companion Families.

Please help. We are a 501(c)(3) IRS approved non-profit organization.

Our mission is to assist dog rescue organizations and animal shelters reduce and prevent the needless killing of homeless dogs who are victims of human neglect, abuse, ignorance and animal shelter overpopulation. We provide a safe haven along with professional behavior modification, command training and socialization techniques to restore their confidence and ability to be loving family companions.

Most rescue organizations do not have the training, human and facility resources to effectively treat a victim dog. An additional four to six dogs can be saved by rescue and shelter organizations for every dog brought to our rehabilitation program.

By making a contribution today, you join a community dedicated to saving dogs from needless euthanasia.Your gift will make a profound difference.  Thank you for helping us Save Lives and Build Families.

Cash donations go directly towards food, training, medical care, housing, and facility maintenance.

Shopping and wish-lists provide us with the supplies we desperately need and we also get a percentage of your purchase.

Sponsoring enables you to direct where your cash gift is applied. You can sponsor a specific dog, Project, maintenance, supplies for kennels and more.

Volunteering provides enrichment for the dogs and reduces our expenses for labor. Volunteers are vital to our success and positive outcomes every day.