I am a sanctuary dog. I have Love, Family and a forever home with Pets Return Home.

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Hello all! My name is Zoey. I do not like my collar being grabbed by anyone – even Mark at Pets Return Home. If you grab it or even try, I will bite you hard. BUT… if you just pet me and play with me I will give you kisses and maybe even let you rub my belly. I will always have this problem and cannot be trusted not to bite someone when they decide to just grab me.  I really like playing with the other dogs here.  I love to hike, swim and just hang out. I am more suspicious of men because they think they can just grab me anytime, I don’t like that. Come visit and take me for a walk or swim. I am a 3 year old coon hound.

I will ask two things of you –

1. Will you come visit me sometime and let me hug you with kisses? and

2. Will you sponsor my care at Pets Return Home?

They provide me with premium food, worming, tick and flea preventives, grooming/cleaning and lots of treats and toys. I like squeaky toys the best.

Will you help me? I am a good dog in sanctuary at a great place and need sponsors!

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Pets Return Home helps dog-rescue and animal shelter organizations prevent the needless killing of homeless dogs by providing behavior refinement, command training and socializing in a safe and stress-free refuge. These dogs are victims of human neglect, abuse, ignorance and animal shelter overpopulation and require help to restore their confidence and ability to be loving family companions. We provide on-going support to sustain a long-term healthy family relationship. Our team has 25 years’ experience searching, training, refining behavior and healing dogs and holds certifications in search, training and medical protocols.