About Me:

Sweet “Trina” is my name .  I love to be petted and loved  but because of my beginnings I still have a little trouble trusting a human hand and get nervous and fearful sometimes.  But once I get to you know you and comfortable, I am happy and playful ….love love love to play ball!! …….I get along with all other dogs…..and yes even CATS!……Right now I really don’t like being around kids to much because they make me nervous.  I would love it best if I could find a couple that would be calm and patient with me!  I am completely vetted and ready to go home with that right forever person or family!



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Pets Return Home helps dog-rescue and animal shelter organizations prevent the needless killing of homeless dogs by providing behavior refinement, command training and socializing in a safe and stress-free refuge. These dogs are victims of human neglect, abuse, ignorance and animal shelter overpopulation and require help to restore their confidence and ability to be loving family companions. We provide on-going support to sustain a long-term healthy family relationship. Our team has 25 years’ experience searching, training, refining behavior and healing dogs and holds certifications in search, training and medical protocols.