Lucy is a beautiful girl. She was pulled from Maricopa County, pregnant. She was a great mother and her puppies all found forever homes. Due to her past life as a stray, she had difficulty socializing with both dogs and humans. At her foster’s home, she spent all of her time in a crate or the back yard. She had gained a lot of weight and became bonded with a male dog who dominated her. At Pets Return Home, we broke the bond, taught Lucy how to be confident on her own and helped her lose the extra weight to become fit and healthy. She still has difficulty with both humans and other dogs. We have her on sanctuary at this time, after being fostered twice and adopted and returned by one of the fosters. Lucy is pretty independent and therefore not the snugly companion most people want. The best home for Lucy is one where she has her own space to run and relax, with daily food and water. She is a great watch dog, barking to alert her owners of visitors. We hope that one day she can find a forever home.