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My name is Chase.  I was born in July 2015 on the Indian Reservation near Kayenta, AZ.   A great shelter in Mesa rescued me when I was 9 weeks old and I was adopted by a wonderful family.  I loved them and they loved me so much.

Things were great for the first couple months and then I started to get very protective of my family.  I didn’t want any other people around them. I did fine with the kids and the other dogs in the family, but I was not fond of cats.  My family tried everything they could think of to help me adjust to other people, but I just didn’t want anything to do with people other than my family.

Their house was very busy and there were lots of visitors that would come over, which made me unhappy.  After months of trying my family sent me to Pets Return Home in hopes I would learn to love other people.

My favorite things are having my belly rubbed, running around with my dog friends, and playing fetch.  I really love kids too.  I am very smart and know basic commands. I am extremely lovable once I get to know you and will be a loyal best friend.

Behavior Coach Notes

Chase came to us from a good family.  He unfortunately became too protective of the family and they were not equipped to get Chase back under control.  Since his time here he has transformed from a fearful and mistrusting dog to a confident and mostly trusting dog.  He is a wonderful boy with all visitors and all dogs.  He loves to swim and hike and needs that energy outlet to remain stable and not too ‘wound up’.

He will need a family that recognizes he needs socialization with humans and dogs alike.  The family leader should help Chase understand that all humans are family.

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Pets Return Home helps dog-rescue and animal shelter organizations prevent the needless killing of homeless dogs by providing behavior refinement, command training and socializing in a safe and stress-free refuge. These dogs are victims of human neglect, abuse, ignorance and animal shelter overpopulation and require help to restore their confidence and ability to be loving family companions. We provide on-going support to sustain a long-term healthy family relationship. Our team has 25 years’ experience searching, training, refining behavior and healing dogs and holds certifications in search, training and medical protocols.