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Hi! My Name is Aryes! I am a very special small dog!!  Different than most small dogs. I am very independent and respect your space as long as you respect my space.   I would be good with respectful older kids that know how to play, maybe not so good with small kids because they think I am a toy. I need somebody that understands my language. I love to play but I also like to crawl up under a pillow or blanket or even next to my human and chill out and watch TV or just do nothing.  I get along with and play well with other dogs of all sizes. If I don’t like them I growl and they leave me alone. I honestly don’t know if I like cats because nobody has really seen me around them.  I am good on a leash and I am okay with bath time. I would like a home with a single owner. This way I can bring all my love to you.  I am vaccinated and vetted and ready to go to my forever home!……..Are you special enough for me?

Behavioral notes:

Areyes is protective of the person he is most close to. He will snap and bite if he is taken away from someone’s lap.  We recommend Areyes go to a single member household.  He is a lap dog and likes to cuddle with humans.  He will however, ward off any approaching human or animal with a growl and snap if they get too close.  He is a great dog except for his selfishness.  He needs a loving home he has been here with us a long time.

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