Kennel Roof Disaster Fundraising!! Please Help.

Kennel Roof Disaster Fundraising!! Please Help.

On March 30th, 2017 high winds destroyed the roof system on our outdoor kennels. The system, designed as an economical interim solution meant to last one year survived three months.

We are desperately seeking funds to finance the construction of a permanent roof solution. The new roof system will keep our dogs safe from rain, hail, wind and the intense Arizona sun and heat. We were planning to raise the money over the next year to build a more permanent solution. However, the need is urgent now.

We need your help! Please consider donating today, asking a friend or family member to donate today and asking your human resources department about corporate matching programs.

We work with many animal rescue and shelter organizations to reshape their broken pups into adoptable loving companions. Our work benefits hundreds of dogs and dozens of animal rescues each year. Please help us continue this work for so many – in a safer facility.

The engineering plans have been completed and donated to Pets Return Home by Nick at Jacovitte Design.  The kennels are now anchored to the ground using services & fabricated materials donated by David, Mindy and Jenna of Caccia Equipment.  Our flooding issue is being resolved in part thanks to Phil Tovrea of United Verde Crane and Materials with his generous donation of over 100 tons of rock.

Please consider using or promoting these Verde Valley located generous & giving companies so they can continue to help the animals.


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