The purpose of our existence is our mission. Our vision statements describe what we wish to accomplish long-term and serve as our guide for choosing current and future courses of action while our goals represent our plan, commitment and desired short-term results.


  • Our mission is to reduce the unnecessary killing and suffering of healthy adoptable dogs at Animal Rescue and Shelter Organizations.


  • Pets Return Home will create an animal-care model applicable locally, nationally and internationally to save the lives of animals. .
  • Pets Return Home will work with animal rescue organizations and community animal control facilities to rescue, develop behavior and teach manners to adoption-challenged dogs; enabling families to enjoy safe and enriching lifelong experiences with their companion pet.
  • Pets Return Home will reunite lost pets with their families and create nationwide community groups committed to animal search and rescue.


  • Reduce expenses associated with ‘unadoptable’ dogs for Animal Rescue Organizations and Animal Control Facilities to increase their effectiveness in saving lives.
  • Provide dog loss prevention workshops to reduce the number of lost dog situations.
  • Provide training, organization and services to search, track and trap, to reunite lost dogs with their families.

During our first year of operation, we will:

  • Save the lives of 84 unadoptable canines through our board and train program. EXCEEDED!
  • Build families by enabling the placement of 80 ‘unadoptable’ to adoptable dogs. EXCEEDED!
  • Save the lives of 14 pregnant canines and their puppies.
  • Build families by placing all puppies raised at our facilities. EXCEEDED!
  • Enable the reunion of 50 dogs through direct and virtual assistance to families of lost companion animals. EXCEEDED!